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2021-11-22 06:46:44 By : Mr. Roger He

As winter weather approaches, the Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Department encourages Michigan residents to prioritize winter emergency preparedness.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared this to be Winter Hazard Awareness Week in Michigan.

"Michigans should seize every opportunity to prepare for it before winter arrives, which may bring about the possibility of pipeline freezing, propane shortages and power outages," said Georga, director of the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security and director of the Department of National Security. Colonel Sper said. Michigan State Police. "Taking steps to prepare your home and vehicle before cold weather helps ensure that your family stays safe throughout the winter."

The state government provides the following tips for preparing for the winter:

— Protect the house from the weather by installing weather strips, caulking and insulating walls, doors and windows.

— Insulate all water pipes extending along the outer wall to reduce the possibility of pipe freezing.

— Lock the propane rate and develop a backup heating plan, such as generators, wood stoves or fireplaces.

— Check gas or oil burners by qualified professionals, and replace the air filter every two to four months.

— Clean and inspect the fireplace and chimney. Contact the local fire department for a recommendation or find a local inspector online.

— Install battery-powered carbon monoxide detectors near the sleeping area. Carbon monoxide poisoning is more common in winter, because during power outages, furnaces are opened and portable generators are often used to supply power.

— Clean drains to prevent ice dams from forming. Roof ice dams can cause accumulation of water and cause internal damage.

— Clear storm drains along the curb for drainage. If blocked, water may enter low-lying areas and flood basements.

— Safely store an emergency preparation kit at home, which includes water, non-perishable food, first aid kit, spare batteries, batteries or hand-cranked radios, emergency lighting or flashlights, spare blankets and warm clothing.

— Repair the radiator system, replace the windshield wiper and refill the wiper fluid.

— Replace any worn tires and check the air pressure regularly.

— Check the brakes, brake fluid, engine oil, car batteries, heaters and exhaust devices to ensure that everything is working properly.

— There is an emergency preparation kit in the car, which is equipped with batteries, battery-powered or hand-cranked radios, flashlights, windshield scrapers, jumper cables, mobile phone chargers, shovel, blankets, first aid kits, non-perishable food and A situation where bottled water is trapped or stuck.

For more tips, please visit online or follow MSP/EMHSD @MichEMHS on Twitter.

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