How to add or remove Rotoscope filter used in viral TikTok trend

2022-09-10 06:41:53 By : Ms. Sarah Zhu

TikTok has given its users yet another trend to keep them occupied.

One of the most fun aspects of the app is its filters, which allow you to transform into a variety of things, although virtually.

The platform is now swept by a new viral trend that sees TikTokers using the Rotoscope filter. If you haven’t tried it yet, let us show you how to add or remove it from your videos.

Rotoscope filter turns the users’ dances into color silhouettes.

The viral trend is credited to content creator @icetut on TikTok, who first shared a video of himself with a Rotoscope edit on February 11 this year.

The TikTok went viral, amassing more than 49 million views and also responses from stars such as Steve Aoki, as he animated the Rotoscope effect by the frame.

According to Follow Chain, TikTok decided to turn into a filter owing to the popularity of icetut’s video.

Follow the below step to use the Rotoscope filter on TikTok:

To remove the Rotoscope filter, here’s what you need to do:

Do remember to place your camera at a distance so that your entire body is captured in the frame as the filter doesn’t work if the camera is too close to you or if it only focuses on your face.

Several TikTok users have taken to Twitter to share the results of the Rotoscope filter in their videos.

One tweeted: “I tried the Rotoscope filter on Tiktok and it turned me into the dad from The Incredibles…”

“I love the Rotoscope trend so much I didn’t even skip the every other zero likes TikTok that comes on as you scroll,” said another.

Another user tweeted: “Rotoscope (w gypsy in my mind) is my fave TikTok filter”

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