Nirvana Being launches Airific Car Cabin Filter-pollution solution

2021-11-12 11:31:19 By : Ms. Mikayla wang

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New Delhi, October 28, 2021/PRNewswire/ - The arrival of winter brought farm fires, which had a huge impact on the nation’s capital, lowered its air quality index, and brought pollution levels above the defined safe threshold level 20 times higher by the World Health Organization. Experts suggest that Covid-19 and its effects will worsen as air quality deteriorates, and point out that there is a direct link between 30% of the total Covid deaths in the world and air pollution. In addition, the air people breathe in the car may be 10 times more dangerous than the air outside the car. Nirvana Being, India’s leading clean air solutions company, launched their Airific Car Cabin Air Filter, which replaces the existing filter under the glove box and controls the air quality as recommended by WHO within 2 minutes after turning on the air conditioner Within range.

"India has the most serious infectious diseases, and the record of air pollution is also the worst on the planet. Especially in the urban environment, the place where we are most exposed to air pollution is in the car, because we are rolling on the car, and the car in front of it emits We were picked up by the car's alternating current when the smoke came out.

Nirvana Being’s Airific Car Cabin Filter is something I’ve been using for a while, and it has been effectively proven to control the Air Quality Index (AQI) within the range recommended by the WHO within 2 minutes after opening. I replaced my pollution-free filter with this DIY product, and my family and I breathe pure air. I hope you can replace yours as soon as possible! "-Jai Dhar Gupta, CEO Nirvana Being

About the product- 

Nirvana Being's Airific Car Cabin Filter uses Active Molecular Technology (AMT). This is a do-it-yourself (DIY) product that replaces the existing filter in the slot behind the glove box. The product creates a barrier for PM 2.5, PM 1, SOX and NOX gases, pollen, bacteria, TVOC and viruses, preventing them from entering the car and recirculating in the car.

As soon as the airflow enters, it passes through 3 levels before it is ready for people to breathe. Level 1: The place where dust and pollen are captured. It then passes through the second layer called the AMT layer, where it captures PM2.5, PM10, bacteria and other bacteria. The air then enters the third layer, where it encounters the best filled activated carbon material that can trap harmful gases, VOCs and odors. The filter has a service life of 6 months, assuming an average use of 2 hours per day. 

Obviously, Airific Car Cabin Filter is a new way to bring health and safety to cars, and it is also a good way to reduce exposure to toxic cocktails on the highway.

About the existence of Nirvana (

Founded in 2015, Nirvana Being has become synonymous with sustainable, scientific and responsible clean air solutions that protect you from harmful pollutants/viruses in the air, allowing you to live a healthy life without Affect your lifestyle. We provide a series of products that can protect you wherever you go, whether indoors or outdoors, including professional masks with >95% virus filtration efficiency certified by Nelson Laboratories, and suitable for homes and automobiles And air purification and monitoring solutions for central air-conditioning buildings make clean air more accessible.


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