COPS CORNER: This is the unfiltered truth | Palm Coast Observer

2021-11-12 11:30:10 By : Ms. Jessica Liang

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4:12 am the first block of Point Pleasant Drive

Wandering/wandering, petty theft. A man approached a house on Point Pleasant Drive, began to mess with the items near the front door of the house, then walked to a car in the driveway to look inside, and then began to search in the mailbox.

A resident of the house noticed and called the sheriff's office. 

A deputy found the man nearby and detained the man. He has a water filter in his back pocket and admits that he took it from the mailbox at home. The adjutant asked him why. 

The man said that he "feeled this to be the right approach." The deputy police officer arrested him and returned the water filter to the victim. 

11:25 pm 100 National Road 5600 yuan

Possess marijuana. A deputy was at the gas station and noticed a car idling behind the building. When the co-pilot was checking the car, a young man was lying in the driver's seat with his eyes closed. 

The deputy knocked on the window, and the young man opened the window, emitting a marijuana-scented air.

The deputy sheriff recognized the young man, who was recently arrested for possession of marijuana and the suspension of his driving license. There are drug paraphernalia and alcoholic beverages in the car. Although this young man is not a minor, he is under the legal drinking age of 21.

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