BAE to Develop Filter Tech to Improve US Radar, EW Capabilities

2022-09-24 06:21:47 By : Mr. Wekin Cai

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded BAE Systems a $6.5 million contract to develop a filter technology aimed at scaling up the department’s radar, communications, and electronic warfare capabilities.

The agreement covers the COmpact Front-end Filters at the ElEment-level (COFFEE) program to improve the performance of critical DoD radio frequency (RF) and microwave systems.

BAE said the program would improve protection for high channel-count RF systems, mitigating enemy interference in congested environments.

“Wideband, highly integrated RF systems are essential to enable mission critical operations; however, high-bandwidth receivers often have limited dynamic range that can leave them vulnerable to electronic jamming,” BAE Chief Technologist Chris Rappa said .

“COFFEE will provide filtering technology to protect systems and make them more robust and resistant to interference.”

The program is part of the five-year Electronics Resurgence Initiative of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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